Monday, 30 July 2012

Follow Who?

Subtitle: Possibly the most confusing blog-post ever. 

Friend: Wait, so…what's happening?

We're in a car park. 

It's Saturday night and there are some complicated dinner plans. 

6 adults, 2 kids, 4 cars. 

It would make sense to car-pool. 

But one friend, and I shall begin numbering people at this point, wants to go straight home afterwards.

But he doesn't know the way to the restaurant.

Friend 2: How?

Friend 3: You guys just follow our car.

This was greeted with a confused silence. 

Because Friend 3 already has a full car. 

So how to follow?


Suggestion silently ignored. 

Friend: [to me] So…should we follow your car?


Friend 4 is taking you home.

Go with Friend 4.

Friend 4: [to me] So you'll follow us?

Also no. 

Then we all have to come back here later to get my car.

Friend 4: Err…but I don't know the way to the restaurant either…

Me: What?

Why is this confusing?!

[the uphill struggle...]

As we all stood there like idiots, Friend 3 took decisive action and drove away.

Me: Ok it's like this. We all drive separately and seeing as I'm the only person left who knows the way…you all follow my car. 

Nobody moved. 

Friend:    o.O?

Friend 2: o.O?

Friend 4: o.O?


Then it suddenly clicked. 

Me: English-follow!! You English-follow my car with your car!! Not Malaysian-follow, get in my car.

All: Ooooohhhhhhh!!!! Ok. 




  1. I didn't even know there was such a meaning for follow....?

    1. Well exactly! There are ALL kinds of special word meanings to learn in Malaysian-English...