Friday, 20 July 2012

After-Hours at the Office

I just got home from work. 

Actually…about 2 hours ago. 


I had to sit in on a call from the US…12 hour time difference, what to do?


So obviously there's no one else in the office that late. 

Except my boss. 

Who was sitting in his room.


So there was he and there was me. 

Waiting for my other boss to arrive.

It's quite creepy there, at night, alone - lots of long, dark corridors and shiny, reflective windows. 

And silence. 


I went to the bathroom. 

Which was already a bit scary. 

I was fighting with myself to not take second glances or look behind me. 

No need to feed the beast!

But I was thinking about all this creepy stuff and how, whilst waiting for the call, I should go and take scary corridor pictures and get some attention on Facebook. 

So I walked back into the main office area and looked to my right, down the corridor, to assess if it looked haunted enough. 

And I froze. 

There's a glass panel at the end - a classroom window.

And I saw a reflection. 

Of a figure. 

A smooth, white, outline of a figure. 


100% truth.

It was just standing. Looking straight at me.





I spun left - how not to?? - to see where it came from.


It was my other boss, standing in her doorway. 

Wearing a white tudung. 

[this is already creepy and it's just my own reflection...]

My heart slowly resumed pumping. 

I have never been so glad to see her…

....and I could hear my other boss laughing at me, from his room...

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