Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Vending Machine

A new phrase has developed at my workplace. 

As mentioned at some point, the only refreshment-related item in my new office, is a water cooler. That was, until the vending machine arrived. 

Here it is, in all its shining glory:

[ding, first blog photo!]

Note the very Malaysian selection of beverage - cold nescafe, milo, soya bean, mango with nata de coco,  ice lemon tea and 100 plus. Literally not one of these items would be found in a UK vending machine. How exciting.

Previously, if anyone left the staffroom, it was for class or to use the toilet. Both rather standard and unexciting activities. But now. People leave the staffroom with a bounce and a glint in the eyes...and we all know, instantly…

"Going to the machine..?"

A question asked with knowing, and a raised eyebrow.

It's the little things...


  1. In Nottingham, they have one of those machines that make and dispense any hot drinks you like (coffee, cappucino, espresso, Milo, tea, etc.) We just push a button and the machine makes it for us! Very cool! You should ask for one of those! :)

  2. ooh, yah that should be next...although then my boss has to pay for our drinks instead of just our water supply (which is hot and cold...). so it might take a bit of persuading... :P