Monday, 2 July 2012

Do "Hunger Goggles" Exist?

I'm fasting right now. 

I know you're not supposed to publicise it…but it's a whole church event, so I guess most people know. 

It's day 2 and all I can think about is food. 


So I am going to reminisce about a recent dinner at Bubba Gumps. 

It was so delicious…

But the story is about the waiter, not the food.

Actually there was two of them - a guy taking the order and a girl watching. 

Friend: Why is there two of you? Are you training him?

Waiter: No, I'm training her.

Waitress: Hehe ^.^

Waiter: Ouch. 

So that was a good start. 

He managed to avoid us for most of the meal, forcing other waiters to come to our table, breathless:
Waiter: Stop Forrest Stop!
Us: Hahahaha

But towards the end we wanted our original guy back. 

To ask awkward questions about the size and price of hot chocolate, amongst other things...

Friend: Where's our waiter?

Friend 2: There.

Friend: Where? No, not that one. The other one.

Me: The first one?

Friend: Yes, our waiter. 

Me: That's him. 

Friend: No! It's not him!

Friend 3: Yeah, that's the same guy. 

Friend: Nooo…the other one. 

Friend 4: =.=

Friend: Oh…what? Is that really our waiter? But he was good looking before!
Friend 2: O.O
Friend: Maybe I was just really hungry…

Hunger goggles?

Are they real?
[like beer googles...but different]

Because by this logic, I should be seeing a lot of "cute" guys.

I better be careful…

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