Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Feminine Hands


On a Tuesday. 

Why not.


A male student walks into the staff room and sits down next to me. 

After the usual conversation openers,

Student: Look. 

He does a slow, glamorous "jazz hands" in my face. 

The little finger on each hand has a coat of glittery nail polish. 


Me: What? Why?

Student: I have very feminine hands. I was testing it out. 

[he was A LOT happier than this...]

Me: …right. Then you decided to do a second nail as well…?

Student: Yeah. To balance it. 

He rolls his fingers dramatically. 

Well with that logic....

Me: Why didn't you just do the whole hand?

Student: Too dangerous. Gays. 

Me: :O

He chuckles, philosophically. 

Student: I don't know why they always come to me. I need to build up my body. I have quite a chick-ly look….

Me: :O


I just stared...