Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to do Student/Teacher Bonding. Or not...

I was in the corridor, walking back to class after a break.

A student caught up with me.

My funniest and most random student. 

Who talks super-fast, almost like a rapper.

I think he actually is a rapper…

Student: Hey Miss…so…who was that on the phone just now? 

He added some suggestive, raised eyebrows.

[a lot like this]

Me: ..?

Student: You were all like…*swirling hand gestures & more eyebrows*…You know...

Me: …*narrowed eyes*

Student: Come on, you can tell me. I think it's time for some student teacher bonding.

Me: Not that kind of bonding.

He took a thoughtful pause…deciding his next move. 

It was funny to watch. 

I tried to not laugh. 

But I failed.

His eyes lit up.

Student: Who was it?


Student: Someone who's gonna put a ring? 

He mimes putting a ring on a finger.

Me: I doubt it.

Student: In the process?

Me: I doubt it.

Student: Good friends? 

Very excited eyebrows...

Me: A friend.

Student: Oh I see...Ok...I understand. 

The eyebrows continue bouncing up and down. He has a "knowing" look on his face…he backs away slowly, melting into the corridor, making hypnotising hand gestures as he does so...


This happened a long time ago. 

And I didn't post it because it was stupid. 

But this student appeared at my desk today.

Student: Hey Miss. 

Me: Hi! Long time, how are you?

Student: Good. How are you? ...Are you married yet?

Me: What?

He pulls a slightly shifty face.

Student: Err, yeah, you know…you used to be on the phone..?

Holds up his hand like a phone.

Me: =.=

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