Monday, 23 July 2012

Durian Cheesecake

I do hate durian. 

It's something that people love to insist on me eating but before you ask - YES - I have tried it and - NO - I do not enjoy it. 

From my memory I didn't object to the taste, exactly. 

But the hideous smell and the SICKENING texture of the thing. 

It completely grosses me out and I have no desire or reason to attempt to like it. 

But many, many people have also said to me, "It's so delicious in other things, you'll like it".

e.g. durian pancakes. Or durian curry. 

Or whatever. 

I was a bit skeptical. 

But happy to be proven wrong. 

And, based on so many similar comments and the fact that I remember not hating the taste itself, I was willing to try. 

This weekend came my opportunity. 

Durian Cheesecake. 

Homemade by a friend's mother. 

Everyone I know says it's the best Durian Cheesecake they've ever had. 

And I love cheesecake. 

So if I will like Durian-flavoured-anything, this will be it. 

And it looked amazing. 

Really amazing. 

Until the lid was taken off the container. 

And my excitement turned to apprehension. 
Friend: You must eat it, you promised you would try!

I did?

[there it is...]

Friend: Really, it's so delicious, you will love it! Here, I've cut it for you. 

I took the plate. 

Deep breath.

(bad idea?)

I forked the end off and raised it to my mouth. 

It smelt like sick. 

Like throw up.

The closer it came to my mouth, the more I felt like gagging. 

But it's just the smell, right?

Get past that and it's yummy, right??

In my mouth. 

Me: O.O


I want to die!!!

But your mum made this, how?!

I ran to the kitchen to secretly spit it out. 

I was followed by Friend 2, another force-fed Durian-skeptic, who stood in the doorway, laughing at me, making his own head-shaking, disgusted-by-durian faces.

Friend 2: PRICELESS!! hahahahahha

I rinsed my mouth. 

Returned to the living room, smiling. 

Me: Yeah…I don't really like it. 

Friend: No, you didn't try the cream, eat the cream.

Me: Is it durian flavoured? I'm not sure it will make a difference??

I did try it. 

It didn't make a difference.

I'm sorry durian…you and me?

We're officially over. 


  1. LOL!!! High five!!!

    1. yessss, high five!

      ...wait...for eating it or for spitting it out..?