Friday, 3 August 2012

Girls and Cars

If you're stuck in traffic for a long time, it's really best not to be the car directly in front or behind me. 

A few days ago, after 2 hours crawling along a road that should take 20 minutes to fly down, I gently rolled into the back of the car in front. 

We were on a hill.

I could've sworn my brake didn't work…but then it kinda was working…so…I figured it was probably just me. 

With a dead leg and a FUZZY traffic brain.  

A 100%  KL gangster got out of the car.

He looked understandably annoyed.

: /

Although miraculously I only caused a small paint scratch and he decided not to kill me. 

[a sunset while I waited...]

I later realised that I actually did have a worrying problem with my brakes. 

And a big, fat, bent out of shape bonnet. 


To the workshop!

Me: OMG, there's something wrong with my brakes. I'm so worried. I don't know what it is but when you press it there's like…no power… :S

Mechanic: Hmm.

He pops open the bonnet. 

Mechanic: Hows your brake fluid?

Me: Um… O.O?

He unscrews the lid of the brake fluid-container and looks inside. 

Mechanic: Empty. 

Me: Oh.

Mechanic: I'll fill up for you.

Me: Right…good...

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