Thursday, 26 July 2012

Why There's No Sunroof

I went on a mini-road trip to do some video shooting. 

The boys were showing off their car. 

"Look at these tyres, ooh, stylish interior, wow, infinity edge windows, this is totally designed for dudes", etc, etc.

Four of us scrambled inside.

I was in the back.

And I noticed that the car had a sunroof.

Which, I commented, is a rare thing to see in Malaysia. 

Driver: Yeah! Guys, check this out…

He pushed the "open sunroof" button.

The fact that it had rained the night before wasn't  even a thought in his mind. 

As the sunroof slowly slid back - imagine those annoying, shuffly arcade games - the rubber sealing pushed a small cascade of water into the front seats, right on top of their heads. 
Driver & Front Passenger: Oooohhhh!

Driver: That wasn't in the ad!

[No, it wasn't a Mercedes. But the sunroof was like this...]

Oh well, it's open already, lets cruise. 

So they wiped their heads and shirts…and the dashboard, and we moved a few meters down the road. 

Front Passenger: Oh wait! I need something from my car.

The driver squeezed the brake…

…the momentum of which channeled all the water from the top of the car down into the sunroof hole, creating an even more dramatic waterfall into the car.

Driver & Front Passenger: OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!
All: O.O

Driver: This is so not part of the cool….


Maybe that's why there's not too many sunroof'd cars around here..?


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