Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reverse Racism

I was watching some Olympics re-runs the other day. 


They were handing out medals to the ladies relay teams. 

It was something like, the Aussies, the Dutch and the Americans. 

Me: Are they twins?

Two of the girls on the Dutch team. 

They look really similar. 

[the middle ones...quite similar lah...]
Friend: No.

A close up quickly revealed no.

No, they are not twins.

Not at all. 

Me: Oh. No. They do look similar though. From a distance. 

I paused. 

And looked at the other teams.

Me: They all do..?

Slowly I realised what I was saying.


All the white girls "basically look the same".

I did that racist thing to my own race.


Do I really see that few white faces that I can no longer differentiate between them..?

Because that is quite hardcore. 

And a bit weird.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Scrooge of Raya Present

I went to my friend's place for dinner. 

It was a "boys in the kitchen" moment so I couldn't really miss it. 

And they did good. 

Well done "Hot Chef"


So after much feasting and merriment we realised it was late and the holidays were over. 


We collectively traipsed to the front door and started the shoe dive. 

Except…it wasn't long before we realised something wasn't quite right:

Shoe thievery!

Of the strangest kind…one shoe from each pair was missing. 

(Except mine. Both mine were gone. My beloved flip-flops. Sob.)

Isn't that cruel and deliberate?

The 'right' shoe from each set.

Cruel or part of an odd ritual…

: / 

Selamat Hari Raya to you, Scrooge!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Premature Holiday Feelings

Oh, it's all happiness and food now that Raya's on its way!

[ :) ]

This morning I had my last class before the holidays.

Joyfully, I went to lunch, a vast freedom stretching out before me...

...I strolled back into the staff room...

...relaxed at my desk...

...started thinking about the work I need to finish up that afternoon...

When suddenly a panicked student appeared:

Student: Miss?

I looked over, then looked away - not my student, must be talking to someone else. 

Student: Miss. 

Maybe not? 

Me: Me?

Student: Yah.

Me: Oh. Yes?

Student: Do you know you have class with us now?

Me: …what?

Student: Yeah. 


Me: Do I? Who are you? 

Student nods his head.

Student: MTD26...

Me: ...Are you sure? What am I supposed to be teaching you?

Student: Screenplay...

Me: Huh…

I run to check the timetable. 

He's right.

Me: Why didn't I know this?

Student smiles sheepishly. 

Me: Ok, let's go...

Holiday feeling…FAIL.


Monday, 13 August 2012

International Left-Hander's Day

Friend: OMG...are you left handed??

Me: Ya :D

Friend: Oh, I didn't know.

Well, now you do. short month later...

Friend: OMG, I didn't know you're left handed!!

Me: What?

Friend: Why didn't you tell me?

Me: already know?!

Like, you recently found this out...

Fast forward another 6 months.

Friend: OMG, are you--?

Me: =.=


This has happened more times than I care to mention.

Everyone who notices my special skill, does so at least twice.

So...for those of you who don't know...

I am Lefty!


[Lord love a lefty.]

Wishing all a very merry International Left-Hander's Day!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Girls and Cars

If you're stuck in traffic for a long time, it's really best not to be the car directly in front or behind me. 

A few days ago, after 2 hours crawling along a road that should take 20 minutes to fly down, I gently rolled into the back of the car in front. 

We were on a hill.

I could've sworn my brake didn't work…but then it kinda was working…so…I figured it was probably just me. 

With a dead leg and a FUZZY traffic brain.  

A 100%  KL gangster got out of the car.

He looked understandably annoyed.

: /

Although miraculously I only caused a small paint scratch and he decided not to kill me. 

[a sunset while I waited...]

I later realised that I actually did have a worrying problem with my brakes. 

And a big, fat, bent out of shape bonnet. 


To the workshop!

Me: OMG, there's something wrong with my brakes. I'm so worried. I don't know what it is but when you press it there's like…no power… :S

Mechanic: Hmm.

He pops open the bonnet. 

Mechanic: Hows your brake fluid?

Me: Um… O.O?

He unscrews the lid of the brake fluid-container and looks inside. 

Mechanic: Empty. 

Me: Oh.

Mechanic: I'll fill up for you.

Me: Right…good...