Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How to Avoid a Smash n Grab

We all have that mentality that bad things won't happen to us. 

Even though fb is full of crime stories & it's all that anyone seems to talk about. 

Well today was my wake up call. 

I was driving to work, it was 8:45am.

As usual I was stuck in traffic, waiting at a red light (in Sungai Long, just before the highway).

My laptop and handbag on the passenger seat. 

And suddenly through my daydreams came a sound that wasn't right, that wasn't normal. 

I turned to see my passenger window shattered into tiny pieces - but glued in place by the tinting film - and the steely, emotionless face of the guy who was still sitting there, on the back of a bike, looking at me, at my belongings and hammering steadily at the window. 


Crimes like this happen so fast and yet so slowly. 

I sat there for the longest time and all I could think was - "someone's breaking into my car".

I can't do anything. 

My car is stuck in traffic. 

I don't have any weapons…realistically, what can I do?

I have no control. 

Then suddenly the slo-mo stopped and I grabbed by stuff and started honking my horn and screaming. 

You know that movie screams aren't real, right?

If you've ever been genuinely afraid, you'll know what I mean. 

It's not a scream. It's more like a roar, a deep throaty, angry roar. 

I hope you never have to hear that sound. 

And then they were gone - there was a driver and a smasher. 

They biked away and that was that. 

My window was left hanging, half attached, tiny pieces of window scattered on the floor. 

I called up my friend.

Friend: *sleepy mumbles*

Me: Oh…oh ya, I forgot you'd be sleeping. Sorry. But. Someonejusttriedtosmashmywindow, somonejustsmashedmywindow, Idon'tkwowwhattodo!

Friend: Ok, relax, are you ok?

And really, I was. 

It was &$£!?@% scary. 

But I thank God that;
a) I had my windows tinted with safety film.
b) It was daylight and they only wanted my laptop.
c) They didn't have weapons. 

I kept driving to work cos I didn't want to stop by the roadside after that...

My window was flapping in the breeze at bit, so I tore it down.


And everyone who passed looked at me like…crime victim. 


So now I have to fix my window. 

And follow my own, new safety rules;

a) Hide your bags. 
It's so obvious and I DO do that sometimes. But nothing happens so I get lazy. Now I will not be lazy. 

b) Memorise phone numbers!
What if they had taken my bag? I can't call anyone 'cos I don't remember anyone's number!

c) Find a Weapon…
That sounds a bit radical, hahaha, but I mean, if I at least had an umbrella by my seat…

d) Get darker tinting. 
I chose a very light tint. Maybe it looks like it wasn't tinted so that's why they tried. I'll get a darker one next time. And spend on a good one! Honestly, if it wasn't tinted, 100% they would have taken my bag and gone before I even realised what happened.