Friday, 6 September 2013

If You're Gonna be a Noob, Don't Go Shouting About it...


3 months away from the blog and I still get readers.


Did I tell you about the time I got ripped off for being a noob..?

[taken with my own fair hand]

My friend and I rented a motorbike in Bali. 

Ultimate freedom and fun. 

And danger...because, of course, we didn't really know how to use it.

Luckily though, the rental guy gave us a quick lesson. 

Then he told us about the petrol. 

Rental Guy: Now, there is1 litre of petrol inside. Add 2 more and the tank will be full. Ok?

Us: Ok!

Me: How much should it cost?

Rental Guy: 1 litre, 5000 rupiah.

Me: Ok.

So after wobbling precariously across a stupidly busy road, we were up and running and headed for the petrol station. 

Trying to cross busy roads, slowing down, speeding up, not fall off….all was a bit of a trial and was accompanied by MANY shrieks and MUCH giggling, which could no doubt be heard for miles around. 

We turned into the petrol station and hopped off.

The moto-pump was run by an attendant who motioned for us to open the seat. 

We both looked at the seat for a while.

Then each other.


Then burst out laughing - this was not covered in the lesson!

The guy smiles and does it for us. 

We pay the 10 000 rupiah (for 2 litres) and wait while he pumps. 

After what is a ridiculously short amount of time, he's done. 

As he pulls out the pump I see inside the tank… doesn't look full….but maybe…it is? Or maybe the rental guy was exaggerating? Or something? Whatever. 

We get back on and as we swerve and scream our way out of the petrol station, video'd by some amused Balinese on their phone cameras, I look at the petrol dial. 

Me: Is that thing in the same place as before..?

Friend: What?

Me: The petrol dial. Was it in that place before?

Friend: ….was it?

Me: Ya, it's supposed to be full now! It's the same as before!

Friend: Whaaat??

Me: OMG he didn't put ANY petrol in!!!!!! 


He literally didn't put anything in the tank. 

Just put the pump in and laughed to himself about his free money. 


Saw us coming a mile off…… 

We stopped later at a tiny roadside petrol stall and watched as a LOVELY man poured the correct amount of petrol into the bike, from his little glass jars. 

And never went back the petrol station......