Friday, 15 June 2012

My First Birthday!!

Can you believe…one year has passed since my first ever blog post?!

One whole year!

When I first started writing I thought I might last a month. 

Or maybe three. 

But 12 months? 

12 months of stupid conversations, confusing cultural blunders and a document of the weirdest people that decided to introduce themselves to me. 

Who knew real life would prove so consistently puzzling?



My most-read blog post is A Very Sad Day.

Which is baffling to me, I can't understand why...

Maybe y'all read it by accident?

Not that I have favourite, but a much sillier post would be;

Or an early memory,

...or maybe you prefer the Cicak series or the classic,

Oh there's too many - go on, trawl the archives, re-live my year!


And readers...thanks for reading. 

There's at least two or three of you out there, chuckling when you shouldn't be. Looking me up in the library when you're supposed to be studying for exams or at the office when you should be writing important documents…the thought of your stifled giggles make me smile. 


And thanks to Raja and Effy. 

I'm not sure if you know it, but it was you guys who independently yet simultaneously set me on the blogging trail.



Let's see what stories and adventures this year will bring..!


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