Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Very Sad Day

Today is a very sad day. 

No, not for the reason you're thinking, God rest his soul. 

There's another reason. 

Yesterday I stayed late at work. 

As I left, I signed out as usual, but when I walked past the vending machine, I had a glowing blue vision of despair…

[look closely...through the blinding light]

Do you see that?

Refer back to "Vending Machine" if necessary.

Yes - my delicious, most favourite drink, the Mango Juice, has been replaced with Coca Cola!!!

Why would that happen?


So today I had no mango juice. 

Clearly the re-filling people haven't done any market research, that was a popular drink. 

Also observe, nowadays the rm5 note is "unacceptable". 

Not only does the machine not have what I want, it also has an attitude problem. 

You may also have noticed, if you have very sharp eyes,  that the Soya Bean has been replaced by Chrysanthemum tea. 

But I'm not so upset about that. I hate them both. 


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