Friday, 1 June 2012


We had ourselves a serious rain storm last night. 

Mysteriously, surrounding areas were dry as I drove through them...

But that happens a lot.

I think there's a secret storm conductor on top of my building. 

Anyway, I arrived home & parked.

Stepped out the car and a small flood rolled over my toes.

I thought this quite dramatic, so stopped to snap a pic. 

Also delaying the inevitable wet trek to the house.

[...doesn't even look had to be there] 

And then the BRIGHTEST lightening and LOUDEST thunder I have EVER heard in my WHOLE LIFE!!

I FELT it!

And it melted a fuse somewhere because suddenly ALL the parking lights went out. 




Thunder, lightening, torrential rain and a black out!!

You've never seen me move so fast - enough with this stupid posing!

I grabbed all my bags and leapt out of the car. 

Dropped my keys.

Managed to grab them just before they got swept away. 

Not kidding. 

And ran to the safety of my home.


Where I found my housemate eating dinner alone, gazing a blank computer screen.

[reconstruction of actual events]


I questioned him.

Me: Are you watching a blank screen?

Him: No, I'm watching the sky. 

Aw. That's nice. 

He told me the huge lightening had also fried our internet modem.

And he let out a deep sigh.

Him: Only one thing I can do now. 

Me: What?

Him: Have whiskey.


Pour one for me too…

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