Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How Not To Use Chop Sticks

Apparently I did something impressive a few days ago.

Went out to eat with some friends. 

As usual. 

I had kuey teow and was putting my chop stick skills to good use. 

A long time ago another friend gave me pink training-stix.

Now I have progressed onto the grown-up ones.


Everything was as normal, until I found a prawn. 

I wanted to pull the tail off, obviously, so I held it down with my chop sticks and with the other hand, yanked at the tail. 

But it was stuck very tight. 

So I pulled/pressed harder. 

And harder. 

And then my chop sticks snapped. 

Into 3 pieces.


Me: O.O!

Friend 1: O.O

Friend 2: O.O?

Friend 3: O.O

Friend 4: O.O!
Friend 1: Oh my god! In my whole life, I've never seen that before.

Not normal, ah?