Sunday, 10 June 2012


I went out for dinner with my friend, her husband and their 4 year old. 

This cute boy makes for good blog posts.

I should probably hang out with him more often. 

Anyway, in the car on the way to the mall:
* all "kid" sentences to be read in a sing-song voice with wild head and arm movements. 

Friend: Do you want Japanese or Italian?

Me: Err….

Kid: Japanese!

Me: O.O

Kid: Sushi!

Me: You like sushi?

Kid: Yes!

Me: Cool…

[kids don't normally like sushi. in my experience...]

Kid: I like sushi…because…because…

Me: ...

Kid: I am learning Japanese!

Me: Really?! Wow, can you teach me? 

Kid: o.0


Me: Teach me a word.

Kid: Errrr……O.O...SUSHI!

Me: =.=

Walked right into that one.