Friday, 2 March 2012

Formal Wear

Someone official at work recently discovered that text messages are much harder to ignore than emails. 

And so now important information or appointments are announced via this medium. 

Because no one checks their emails. 

I don't even know how to access my work email.

: /

Anyway, last night I got a text.

Work: Tomorrow we will be having an important visitor. Please wear formal. TQ. 

So today I am wearing a very smart black pencil skirt instead of jeans. 

Well done me. 


I came back from lunch, sat at my desk. 

Took off my shoes. 

Because who wears shoes in Malaysia? Not me. Ever. 

[shoes. not on my feet.]

Then, as happens after lunch on a Friday, I started to wonder what time I could leave.

So I dropped into the next room to check my hours with the admin people. 


As I stepped out of the door…

…The Important Visitors!


I'm not wearing shoes!!


Boss: And this is Claire [glances at my feet]

Important Visitor 1: Hello, John [glances at my feet & extends hand]

Me: Hi! [shakes hand]

Important Visitor 2: Hello, Steve [glances at my feet & extends hand]

Me: Hi! [shakes hand] Sorry about the no shoes. I was just in the staff room [big smile]!


That's not even a reason!?!

Oh well. 

What to do?

They were Mat Salleh. 

Maybe they didn't mind..?

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