Monday, 18 June 2012

How to Avoid a Summons

I got busted again. 

Polis: You are not allowed to drive in the emergency lane. I will write you summons, ok?

Aww man. What to do? 

Me: Ok. 

I was just skipping some KL traffic because I'm not going to KL!!! 

Although this is perhaps not a legitimate excuse for breaking traffic rules...

Polis: Ok, ah?

Me: [shrugs] I guess so. 
I know what's coming. I'm not gonna do it. 

Polis: Tell me, how can I help you?

Me: =.=

Polis: Ah?

Me: I don't know. I broke the rule, I have to pay. It's ok. 

Polis: 300 ringgit, you know? You will have one week to pay. Ok?

Me: :)

C'est la vie. 

He starts to copy down the info on my driving licence. 

Then stops.

Polis: Ahh…I don't want to summon you. 

Me: :))

Polis: How, ah? I don't want to give you summons.

Ok! Don't give!


I know you want some dollar in your pocket but that's not how I roll, maaan.

Although I don't wanna pay rm300 either. 


[not my car. or my polis friend...]

A pause. 

Then suddenly;

Polis: Sudah kawin?

Me: O.O?

Polis: You speak BM?

Me: Sikit lah.

Polis: You, married?

I understood the first time! Hence the face! 

How to reply? 

What are the pros and cons of truth and lies in this situation??

I have been in a similar situation before!

Me: No... 

Polis: Ahh, belum kawin, I don't want to give you summon…

Me: :))

Polis: Ok ah. Don't use emergency lane again, ok?

Me: Okthankyou! :D

Drives away!!!

But…keliru sikit - is not being married really so pitiful that I deserve not to get a summons?



  1. lolz... u crazy grrrlll....

    And, if not being married is so pitiful, then I should be getting pitied too no?

    1. hahaha, ya pity us all!
      ...although, i'm not sure it would've worked cos you're a has double standards like that...