Saturday, 31 March 2012

An Awkward Photo

Walking around Mumbai taking pictures of things.

I was walking to the famous CST (previously Victoria Station) and there was a big, interesting-looking building next to it.

Kind of connected to it.

Big iron gates. Open.

Quite a few people walking around inside.

I went in to take a pic.

Then suddenly;

Armed Guard: What are you doing?

Me: 0.0

Well what's everyone else doing??


He sees my camera.

Armed Guard:
Taking pictures?

Me: 0.0

Please don't shoot me.

Armed Guard: Pictures ok.

He steps aside, smiling.



Hostile if I want to come in, happy if I'm taking photos?

I don't understand.

I took one badly framed photo and ran away.

[one awkward & useless photo. including head of guard.]

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