Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sarawak Kolo Mee

Food in general is a Malaysian obsession.

But some foods reach cult status. 

One example: Sarawak Kolo Mee. 

Ask anyone from Sarawak and they'll tell you it's the best food on the planet.

In a tone of voice is SO passionate you wouldn't doubt it. 

Not for a second. 

Every time they go home, they'll return to KL with tales of…Kolo Mee.

Not family. 

Not friends. 

Kolo Mee. 

Or they'll hear about a stall that's opened up nearby.

Sarawakian 1: Hey, there's a new Kolo Mee stall at _____! 

Sarawakian 2: Ooooh, not  like home one lor…

Sarawakian 1: It's actually quite good bro…

Sarawakian 2: Isit..? 

Then begins the discussion. 

Anyway, it so happened that I was at a food court with Sarawakians and they all ordered Kolo Mee. 

Now is the time! 

I was quite excited to try it. 

Because if Malaysian's can be trusted on one thing, it's food. 

If they tell you it's good, it's good. 


My plate arrived. 

I ate. 

[nom nom...nom?]


Mat Salleh keliru?

Sunnguh keliru. 

Friend: What's wrong?

Me: I don't understand...

Friend: You don't like it?

Me: No, I do, it's ok but…

Friend: Most Mat Salleh love it.

Me: It's just…is that it?

It's just like wan tan mee. 

Only with a weird, slightly ketchup-y taste.  

I don't even know how to describe the taste except… "unmalaysian"

SO unmalaysian? 

After all the build up and the drama.

And all the other amazing food I've eaten in this country…

I've honestly never been so disappointed.

I just don't get it..?

: /


  1. sarawakians = aylwin ? lol

    1. hahaha, yes! he inspired most of this post...but also john, nicky, douglas, darius, alex...and probably several other passionate sarawakians!

  2. i guess u can say sarawakian does not equal malaysian, in a way.

    1. aww, sad?? haha, a small stretch of sea makes a big difference..!

  3. hahahaha...dont worry. Not just mat salleh sungguh keliru, so is Penangite sungguh sungguh keliru. :) I have not develop a liking to it.

    1. haha, alriiiiite, good to know! :)

  4. Glad that I am the source of your inspiration! Am pretty sure there will be Mat Sallehs who will never get Penang Laksa, or Ipoh Chicken Rice, or Melaka riceballs...

    1. ya, sure true! i'm lucky to have a food guide like you ;)