Monday, 12 March 2012

Jet Skiiing

The first time I jet ski'd was in Penang.  

I was there with a few friends and we'd spent the day exploring. 

And were now at the beach. 

Playing in the sea (which was a bit gross, actually - you know that squidgy, muddy sand? Yeah.)

Anyway, suddenly;
Friend: Who wants to jet ski?
Friend: Come on guys!?
I want! 

But he's a boy.

I wanna jet ski with girl... 

Malu lah :(

But the other faces are lazy and reluctant.

Nobody moves. 
Friend: Really? Fine. I'm going. 
He starts walking down the beach. 

Mat Salleh looks frantically : beach - jetski - lazy friends - jetski


Me: Wait for meee!!
I run to catch up, but I'm still shy. 

So when we climb on the jet ski, I go for the polite English grip - there's a good hand-width distance between us and I'm just holding onto the life jacket at the arm holes.

If you've ever been on a jet ski, you'll know what's coming. 

Although perhaps with a normal person, I would have been fine. 

My friend accelerated at MAX-SPEED into the open ocean, flying off small waves. 

Friend: Woooooooooooooooooooo!

Me: 0.0 *muffled squeaking*

Still going super-speed, he pulled the tightest corner you've ever seen.

And the world was upside down. 

And there was a very loud scream. 

Which was abruptly cut off as;


Everything was water, in all directions.

[if there was a camera, this would be the picture]

When I bobbed up to the surface in my little lifejacket, gasping for breath, I saw a genuinely concerned face, flood with relief. 

Friend: I thought I'd killed you. 

Me: You did!

He dragged me back on the jet ski. 

Friend: You have to hold on this time!!
Me: You have to not throw me off!!

There is no room to be shy on a jet ski.