Friday, 16 March 2012

Fashion Advice

Ever tried to get fashion advice from a 4 year old?

Not really recommended. 

I went to my friends house the other day, to get changed after work. 

And her son wanted to hang out. 

Show me his cool toys. 

Bring me drinks. 


We girls had to get ready!!

…but you can't fight the little people. 

They always win. 

So I re-directed his energy...

Me: Hey, what do you think I should wear?

Small boy: 0.0

Me: Which one? [pointing at my many, many hangers]

Small boy: You should wear the black one. 

Me: [pause] There is no black one. Look - it's green or blue. 

Small boy:


Small boy : It was my friend's birthday today, I got a new pencil sharpener!

And so he launched into a dramatic monologue about the sharpener. 

[it was like this. only blue.]

Ignoring my outfit dilemma. 

I made the choice alone. 

But it was a bad choice. 

So I changed again in the car park.

(Maybe I shouldn't admit that..?)

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