Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Late Night Cereal

This post is less an observation of what happens when cultures clash in foreign lands and more like...whatever country you're in, whatever age you are, when you spend enough time with family you can't avoid acting like a child.

Why does that happen...


11pm is not a very normal time to eat, in my opinion.

But it was 11 pm and there I was, in a restaurant with my friend and sister.

I just wanted something small...

Me: What's banana fry?

Friend: Oh it's good, you should try it. 

Me: [to waiter] Do you have banana fry?

Waiter: No.

Me: Oh.

Waiter leaves.

Me: I'll just have cornflakes then.

They both stare at me.

In silence.

Sister: Cornflakes?!

Friend: They might not have it at this time. 

Me: Why?

They exchange a look.

Me: Well if they don't then I'll pick something else. 

Another pause.

Friend: Maybe...do you wanna try pilau?

Me: Mmm.... :/ 

Sister: We could share some chicken? 

Me: ... 

Sister: And naan?

Me: No. I've reached my Indian food limit. I don't want curry. I don't want bread. I don't want meat. 


That's all I've been eating for a week.

Me: But I'm quite thirsty, maybe that's influencing my thoughts. 

Sister: Drink something then!

There's only tap water on the table.

Me: Drink what??

Sister: Oh my goodness!!

Me: What?! I just want cornflakes!!!

Friend: 0.0

[couldn't be happier]

See? So quickly.

I had cornflakes.

They were delicious.

And later my sister concurred that cereal at night is quite normal...but not in a restaurant.


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