Friday, 30 September 2011

Call Me!

My friend sent me a text:

"Call me when you get this..hehe"

I read it. Then I called.   

And a man answered. Which is strange, because she's not a man. 

Man: Hello.

Me: [confused]

Man: Hello?

It sounded a bit like her Dad…I suppose. But this was super confusing. Why would he answer her phone?

Me: Hello?

Man: Hello?

Me: Hi? Is that…? [still confused]… 

Man: Are you looking for Shakina? She's still at work. She must have left her phone at home. Shall I pass her a message?

Me: Um…yes, just tell her I called?

Man: Do you want her to call you back?

Me: [I don't know, I don't know why she wanted me to call??] Er….yes? I don't know. Just tell her I called her back?

Man: Ok, i'll let her know. 

Me: Ok, thank you. 

WHAT just happened? 

How can she have text me and ask me to call…and then not be able to answer her phone cos she left it at home?

Think about it. 

That makes absolutely no sense. 






Unless of course, I, like a genius, called her house phone instead of her mobile.


Her poor, confused father…