Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"The Face" : Balut Test

Balut. Have you heard of this? Allegedly a Filippino delicacy. It's basically a fertilised egg, which is then steamed or boiled. And eaten. In this case, they're baby chickens. But baby ducks are also available.

It already sounds disgusting and is one of those things that make you think…how and why did people ever start eating this?? 

…although maybe it happened during typhoon season, when someone was stuck in their house, all roads and shops closed…and there really was nothing else to eat in the house…or garden…except…your pet chicken's…baby…eggs, anyway it's weird. 

Luckily I was not forced into a cultural situation that required me to eat this or, joy of joys, attempt "the face" to avoid offending people (see"Boiled Squid"), as I would have failed. Horribly. 

But two of my companions voluntarily(?!) decided to have a go…

Note: This is 2:42 of graphic grossness. Please don't throw up.

[Is a transcript necessary, or can you catch it..??]


  1. Are there no other better, more civilized food left in that part of the world? It's so gross it sounds worse than having to eat one's own excrement... not that I've tried...

  2. yikes...there is plenty of delicious, civilized food in these parts...it's just not so fun to write about :P