Monday, 19 September 2011


I recently went with a friend to visit the doctors (everything is more fun in a pair, no?)

As I was in the waiting room, I was musing that the nice thing about seeing a doctor is that you can tell them anything and they're legally bound to keep your secrets. That's actually better than having friends!

The only other people in the waiting room were 2 young couples…I spent a while trying to guess where they were from. They were Asian. Not local. A bit poor looking (I feel like that's slightly offensive…but it's not meant to be, just an observation…). The nurse was explaining something to them in another language…not Thai…and I probably wouldn't recognise anything else… :P

Then they left. 

The nurse watched them fondly, then looked at me.

Nurse: "Those are my refugees."

Ah-ha! My chance...

Me: "Where are they from?"

Nurse: "Myanmar. They're only here for contraception."


AH?! What? When did I ask that, I didn't ask that?? And I'm quite sure you're not supposed to tell me, even if I did…??

Nurses take the oath too, right...right?


  1. OK, want to hear MY story? I went to a neighbourhood clinic for a "minor" surgery. Appointment was made for a Saturday morning, as the doctor said Saturday mornings are usually quiet. So, there I was, eager for the "minor surgery"... When I emerged from the doctor's chamber, clutching my pants and trying to walk with no clues as to what the minor surgery was... to my horror... a room FULL of waiting patients, about TWENTY of them! All giving me the "why so long" look. OK, NOT a quiet Saturday morning after all...

    While waiting for my medicines, I felt dizzy and I knew I was about to pass out! Walked to the dispensary counter, and handed my wallet and cellphone to the nurse, telling her to take care of my stuff if I passed out. And as I was passing out, I caused quite a commotion involuntarily... and guess what? Another nurse, slightly elder (50-ish) had the audacity to tell the whole waiting roomful of patients, "CIRCUM CASE! CIRCUM CASE!" as she helped me into the infirmary... and this was a NEIGHBOURHOOD clinic where everybody knows your name/parents!

  2. 0.0

    WOW, you win, for real!! wonder you are posting "anon" ;) ...although sounds like it's a bit late for that anyway, haha

    how embarrassing...was the "CIRCUM CASE!" announcement to warn the doctors, or just to tell the whole surgery what was happening?? 'Cos if it's for the doctors you'd think they had a slightly more subtle code for it, right, like...."CODE GREEN" ??

  3. "CIRCUM CASE!" announcement was her explanation to all those waiting patients... as if I needed a spokesperson! If not for my respect for people elder than me, I would've confronted her later, and told her off!

    I prayed hard nobody asked my parents about the secret "minor surgery"...

  4. whaaaa?? nevermindlah, tell her off anyway! terrible...