Monday, 26 September 2011

Extra Protein

At lunch, the mamak shop, my friend came over with his food and told me;

Friend: "Just now, there was a dead fly in the curry and I told the guy. And you know what he did? He just fished it out and carried on serving the other customer." 

And then he reenacted his pose - mouth slightly open, furrowed brow, questioning hand…a loaded pause like…is that it? Is that all?


But hey, what else do you expect? This event did not surprise me. But it did remind me of another…


I'd just finished work and I was feeling hungry and lazy. 

So I decided on a brief visit to the supermarket : sausage bun and curry puff, here I come. No need to cook, no need to wait, everything I need, in my hands. Yes. 

I bought my goodies back to the car (eating-whilst-driving: very bad-Malaysian-traffic-jam-habit…). 

Very excited. 

Very hungry. 

Very happy. 

I got on the road.

Picked up plastic with bun inside. 

Put on lap. 

Opened plastic.

Put hand in bag…missed cos I'm driving. 

Looked down to ensure bag-entry. 

Saw this:

[yes, that is a whole fly]


It's a miracle I didn't crash. For real.  

I actually wailed loudly in my car, SUCH was the horror and disappointment. 

How disgusting, a fly, baked into my bun. BAKED into it!! This is no mamak shop, this was an actual proper establishment. Supposedly.  

No bun for me. 


I imagine my dad would have said, "What's the problem, a bit of extra protein!"

And I did consider eating around it. But then I didn't. 

Cos the fly still had wings. 


  1. local flavor maaa... flies has more protein than resin.. maybe

  2. it's just a raisin with wings dear...

  3. after noticing a theme...i might stop eating raisins in this country...