Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Press Conference That Wasn't

My friend sent me an email the other day, inviting me to a press conference. 

It was with some Malaysian Youtube "Stars".

She couldn't go and as it was in my area and about my industry (video - yay!), she though of me.

Me: It's gonna be like a panel interview, I just listen and take notes?

Friend: I'm not sure, it could be like a press conference or you might get 1-on-1 time with them? There are over 75 bloggers invited so that might seem impossible.

Me: Ok!

This conversation was mere hours before it started. 

Very late notice. 

So off I went, bringing 2 blogging friends with me. 

We arrived, perfectly on time, at the venue.

Which was a restaurant.

That looked quiet and empty and nothing like a press conference…

Me: Hi, we're here for the press conference.

Waiter: ^.^? 

Me: Urrr….

Waiter: Do you have a reservation?

Me: Ummm...

OMG we're in the wrong place.

Waiter: There's a table reserved for "Yasmin" in the back, for 10 people. It could be that? 

Me: I don't think so...

Friend: Are you sure it's here?

OH NO, I've done it again.

Failed to accurately read information in emails. 

This should not become a habit.

Me: I'm sure it was here! Do you have internet on your phone??

Friend: Yes. 

Me: Okcheckmyemails! 

The email was from Yasmin. 

There you go, we do want the table in the back. 

Pause for thought: there's a table in the back of the restaurant reserved for 10 people. 

We walked through the restaurant. 

At the back section we found the "press conference". 

4 youtubers, 3 bloggers and a newspaper, sitting around a table. 



Welcome to my life. 

Unprepared for everything.

And yet...

Here's the semi-sensible blog post resulting from the press conference that wasn't a press conference.

[that was my actual expression.]


  1. y did u censor your face! the guys look too happy heheh

    1. cos i made a stupid face!

      and my friend only took one photo =.=