Tuesday, 9 October 2012


My housemate broke his nose in an Anime Fight. 


No, just kidding.

It was an MMA Fight. 

But they sound the same when yelped through a cheap sound-system, by an over-excited MC.

We ended up spending 6.5 hours in A&E.

And I didn't have a book.

So these are the things I was pondering:

1. Does it make any sense to not have a conveniently placed car park for the emergency room?

2. The sign promises that a non-emergency will be seen within 90 minutes. Getting your blood pressure checked and then being sent out to the waiting room does not count as "being seen". In my opinion.

3. Other peoples' blood is really disgusting. Glad I'm not a doctor.

4. There is an underage and overweight boy wandering around by himself. Who owns him? And why is he not wearing any trousers?

5. Some of these doctors look far too young...does that mean I'm getting old?

6. Why is there a password for the internet. I am SO BORED.



  1. Your sister could have been that doctor! Is she too young? - The old man

    1. LOL, ya could have been.

      She's older than me, so not too young...but she's definitely too "related" to be a doctor, haha