Monday, 29 October 2012

No Milk Tea No Faze Mega-Fans

I still enjoy a good bubble tea. 

Or, as the hipsters now refer: pearl milk tea. 

On a recent visit to a well known PMT stand…

Me: Um…Strawberry Pudding Milk Tea.

Guy: Uh, no milk tea. 

Me: O.o?

Friend: O.o?

Guy: No pearl oso.

Me: Wha-? Everything here is milk tea..? Or pearls. Then what can we have?

Guy: Grass jelly roasted milk tea. 

He points to the picture behind him. 

Wait - what? 

You don't have milk tea but…I can have milk tea..?

I don't get it.

Guy: Roasted milk tea, can have.

Friend: Isn't that the same thing?

Guy: No, different. You can have roasted and add topping. But not pearls.

Me: Oh? Okayyy…so I can have the pudding?

Guy: Ya!

Me: Then I'll just have that. 

Guy: O.o?

Me: Roasted strawberry milk tea..?

Guy: No cannot.

Us: Whyy??

Guy: No matching!

Me: Whatttt? :(

Guy: Can have roasted with pudding but cannot have strawberry pudding, it's not matching.

Me: :(((

This was supremely confusing and SILLY. 

The queue had begun to grow behind us. 

What are they all gonna order - milk tea tak ada?!

How laaa….decision pressure!!

Me: Fine. Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea =.=

[generic example...]

And yet, for all our struggles, as soon as my friend and I moved out of the way, every other customer breezed through.

Like they knew everything on the menu.

As if no milk tea at the milk tea stand is not a problem. 

That's some Milk Tea mega-fans. 

The less I say about that, the better.

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