Monday, 15 October 2012

Real Life Slasher Movie

I've been very occupied recently with a new venture - theatre.

Writing was easy. 

Directing, less so.

I have two actors. 

One night in rehearsal we'd finished around 8pm.

So it was dark outside and we were the last people in the building.

We carried everything out of the rehearsal room.

I ask my actor,

Me: Eh, you're last out, switch off the light?

We dump everything in the staff room, lights off, lock up, and are about to leave.

He didn't turn out the light. 


We all look down the dark corridor.

Actor: We'll wait here. 

Me: No, you have to come!

I know how dark it gets. 

I'm not going alone. 

Together we go & switch out the last light. 

It's super dark. 

The college is like a maze of window-less corridors and the few windows there are let in the tiniest sliver of moonlight. 

It's creepy.

Actor: Oh…

Me: What?

Actor: I left my water bottle in the staff room…

Actress: Really?

Actor: Yeaaaah… 


We trapse back towards the staff room.

In silence.

It feels like we're all thinking the same thing, but no one wants to say it out loud.

Until, quietly, from behind my ear...

Actor: This is the part in the movie where someone gets killed…

Me: I know right?

I couldn't quite see his eyes.

Me: Eeee..!

I ran away a little, feeling like that might be his cue to stab me…


That's silly.

I rummaged in my bag for the staff room key. 

In the semi-darkness. 

Then I stepped forward, reaching blindly for the key hole. 

I push the key into the door…AND THE DOOR OPENS!! 



Actor: No, no, don't do that?!

Me: But-, I-, the door-!??!!?

Actor thinks I'm playing a cruel trick, steps forward, reaches into the staff room and switches on the light. 

Which reveals that I had, in fact, locked the door but that I hadn't closed it properly first.

So it was still open. 

[this is luther. we created him in rehearsals. now i bet you're wondering what the play is about, huh?]

I explained. 

Actor: Oh. I like how you thought someone was going to kill you…so you took one step backwards.


I was like….proper too scared to move. 

I hope no one does try to kill me cos I clearly won't do much about it…


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  1. As usual that was rather hilarious. Oh, Claire in the dark. That's the name of a thriller right there!

    1. Ya man...pls don't leave me alone in the dark... :/

  2. ah, thought of inviting you to watch our play but you have ur own play to attend as well.

    1. ahh...with a name like hamlet, of course you do plays!

      what & where is your play?

    2. My play is not like what u think. we had a rugby friendly among the expats at the Royal Selangor Club mont kiara. how was ur play?

    3. oooh - you tricked me with your word-play!!

      hmph. did you win?

      my play got into the finals & my actress & director won awards! yay :D

    4. congratulations! u guys must be really good!
      yeah we won. It was actually a game between the grandpas and the puppies (young energetic ppl)

      we were celebrating the grandpas 50th birthday. including mine (but no, im not that old yet)

      hahahah - tricked

  3. WORDDDD!!! Of all things you think of 'in the dark', is someone lurking in the shadows, waiting to stab you?!?! HAHHAHAHA!! That's classic, Claire. Me likey! :)

    1. LOL!

      Well...I felt like my actor was gonna stab me - it's always someone in the gang, right? Then when the door opened my mind switched to supernatural...but probably still a supernatural creature that was gonna rush forward and stab me...hahahaha