Monday, 17 September 2012

Party Fail

It's my friend's birthday soon & this week I got a happy little Facebook invite to the party. 

Friday night. 


One of my other friends just quit Facebook so I gave her the info and rsvp'd for her.

[so cute]

On Friday she came over, we dressed up in stripes, as requested, and headed over to the party. 

Me: Which floor is it? 4? Or 5?

Friend: Mmm…not sure. 

Ok, we guessed 5 and went up. 

Got out of the lift. 

Looked around. 

Not this one. 

Must be level 4. 

We got to their door.

And were confused. 

Friend: Is this the right house?

Me: It should be...

It looked like their house…but it was dead quiet. 

And there was only one pair of shoes.

Which is very odd for a party that started an hour ago. 

Friend: But they look like her shoes?

Me: And I recognise their door hanging. Then where is everyone?

Friend: Maybe they all went out? Call them?

Me: I don't have his number. 

She called. 

Friend: No answer. 

Me: :S

Friend: :S

Just then we turned to see the party couple in question, walking up behind us. 

They saw stripes.

They saw gift.

Bday Friend 1: It's not today. 

Me: Wha..?

Bday Friend 1: It's on the 28th.

Friend: Mat Salleh!! I don't have Facebook anymore, she told me it was today!

Me: Really? I thought it was today!

Bday Friend 2 whips out his smart phone to show the invite and prove the point. 

Bday Friend 1: See? This coming Friday (28th).

Me: Oh…I just read "this coming Friday" and ignored the date...

In my defence, that is slightly confusing…

Us: Ok bye then, see you in 2 weeks!