Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reverse Racism

I was watching some Olympics re-runs the other day. 


They were handing out medals to the ladies relay teams. 

It was something like, the Aussies, the Dutch and the Americans. 

Me: Are they twins?

Two of the girls on the Dutch team. 

They look really similar. 

[the middle ones...quite similar lah...]
Friend: No.

A close up quickly revealed no.

No, they are not twins.

Not at all. 

Me: Oh. No. They do look similar though. From a distance. 

I paused. 

And looked at the other teams.

Me: They all do..?

Slowly I realised what I was saying.


All the white girls "basically look the same".

I did that racist thing to my own race.


Do I really see that few white faces that I can no longer differentiate between them..?

Because that is quite hardcore. 

And a bit weird.

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