Thursday, 16 August 2012

Premature Holiday Feelings

Oh, it's all happiness and food now that Raya's on its way!

[ :) ]

This morning I had my last class before the holidays.

Joyfully, I went to lunch, a vast freedom stretching out before me...

...I strolled back into the staff room...

...relaxed at my desk...

...started thinking about the work I need to finish up that afternoon...

When suddenly a panicked student appeared:

Student: Miss?

I looked over, then looked away - not my student, must be talking to someone else. 

Student: Miss. 

Maybe not? 

Me: Me?

Student: Yah.

Me: Oh. Yes?

Student: Do you know you have class with us now?

Me: …what?

Student: Yeah. 


Me: Do I? Who are you? 

Student nods his head.

Student: MTD26...

Me: ...Are you sure? What am I supposed to be teaching you?

Student: Screenplay...

Me: Huh…

I run to check the timetable. 

He's right.

Me: Why didn't I know this?

Student smiles sheepishly. 

Me: Ok, let's go...

Holiday feeling…FAIL.


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