Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How Not to Hitch a Ride

I went to Penang with my friend and had to use the bus. 

Which to resident KL-folk sounds beyond awful.

But it was actually a very pleasant experience. 

We merrily hopped on and went halfway across the island, landing at the Spice Garden, for a mere RM3.70.

After a delightfully educational tour and some delicious, mountain-top, sea-view food, we wanted to head back. 

[101, that'll take you there. For real.]

The downside of buses, of course, is that you have to wait for them. 

They're supposed to be every 15 minutes. 

But if you've just missed one, that's quite a long time to sit by the road.

We waited a while. 

Considered walking. 

But it was getting dark and it was a winding, coastal road.

Bad idea. 

So we waited some more. 

We leaned against the road safety barrier. 

Watched monkeys. 

Took photos with excited kids. 

And then spotted an opportunity. 


2 young, mat salleh, traveling boys. 

With a car. 

If anyone's gonna give you a ride, I'd be them. 


Friend: [silently] Are you going that way?

She pointed down the road. 


Unprepared for this decisive action...but cool!

I glanced over to check the response. 

Slightly blank faces...

She boldly continued. 

Pointed at us - then at their car - then down the road. 

With girly, questioning eyes.


And they declined us!

Awkwardly trying not to look, they shook their heads. 


I watched as they drove past, bashful, still shyly shaking their innocent-looking heads and holding up their hands. 

Which struck me as odd.


And my friend had the same, wordless feeling. 

We looked at each other. 


Friend: …Did they think...

Me: ...we're prostitutes?

Friend: Yup. 

Me: Right.


Then the bus came.


  1. nobody hitches rides in this country maaa