Thursday, 23 August 2012

Scrooge of Raya Present

I went to my friend's place for dinner. 

It was a "boys in the kitchen" moment so I couldn't really miss it. 

And they did good. 

Well done "Hot Chef"


So after much feasting and merriment we realised it was late and the holidays were over. 


We collectively traipsed to the front door and started the shoe dive. 

Except…it wasn't long before we realised something wasn't quite right:

Shoe thievery!

Of the strangest kind…one shoe from each pair was missing. 

(Except mine. Both mine were gone. My beloved flip-flops. Sob.)

Isn't that cruel and deliberate?

The 'right' shoe from each set.

Cruel or part of an odd ritual…

: / 

Selamat Hari Raya to you, Scrooge!


  1. there must be some symbolic meaning to it... hmmm

    1. right..?

      ...although it's very possible that it was an incredibly passive-agressive way of saying, YOU'RE TOO LOUD... :/