Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lord of the Rings

When someone walks into the room and says,

"Eh - you remind me of someone"

It can go a few different ways. 

Today, it went down a questionable route. 

Although luckily I was not the subject, merely a witness. 

Which was enjoyable.

Sitting in the office with my (female) colleague, another (male) colleague strayed in from the marketing department to make some kind of request. 

But was quickly distracted.

Friend 1: Eh - you remind me of someone! She look different today, what?

Me: :S  
Friend 2: Who?

Friend 1: Ya, you look different today. Like...Lord of the Rings.

Me: Uh-oh…

Friend 1: Ya, who's that guy from Lord of the Rings? 

Friend 2: A guy?! Who?

Friend 1: The elf.

Me: Legolas?

Friend 1: The elf. The main elf. 

Me: Ya, Legolas. 

Friend 1: With the hair, the long hair, right? No - not that one. The main elf.

Me: …Yah, the main elf is Legolas.

Friend 1: No, Liv Tyler's dad.
Funny how people do that, right? Do you mean Arwen? Yeah. I forgot her name too. 

Me: Oh, I don't know who that is...

He walks away looking puzzled but determined to figure out who it was...

[this hair is apparently elf hair.]

Later in the day, I pass through the marketing room on "other business".

Friend 1: It's the king, you know. 

Me: What?

Friend 1: The king of the elves. What's his name, ah?

Me: I have no idea. 

A quick google search…

Friend: Elron!! Yes, yes, that's it, Elron. She looks like Elron today. 



  1. Just like someone in your department saying another colleague of ours looking like a character from Star Wars - C3PO!!! I died laughing.

    1. OMG I don't know this story, who, who?? Hahaha....