Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ghost Stalker

Sometime last week my friend was telling me about her haunted house. 

Which is an alarmingly ordinary thing in Malaysia. 

Friend 1: So he followed this hot chick around the corner but he didn't realise...that she was floating. 

Friend 2: Woah, and then?

Friend 1: Nothing. He came back. 

Friend 3: Yeah, those ones usually only attack pregnant women. 

Friend 1: Exactly. The ones with the detachable heads, right?

Friend 3: Mmm hmm. 

Me: 0.O??

Oh, yeah, so normal.

That night I got home and went swimming…then got terrified of ghosts and ran back into the house.

But then I forgot all about it. 

Until yesterday. 

When I was driving home.

Quite late. 


In the dark.

And this car pulled up alongside. 

The driver looked at me. 

Peered at me.

You know when people look for too long…and it's a bit weird?

Yeh, like that.

Whatevs, I sped up. 

But the car was doing this awkward, too fast to overtake, too slow to undertake, thing. 


Are you, like…trying to…what, what are you doing??

Why are you following me?

Stop trying to peer!!

And I suddenly had this really…creepy…feeling…like…whatifyou'reaghostpersonOMGdon'tmakeeyecontact!!!!!!!



I slammed my accelerator to overtake - I had to make a turning!

The ghost car flashed at me!!



And the ghost car followed me.


[googling for a "ghost car" was a pretty bad idea. here's a myvi instead]

By now, freaking out quite a lot. 

It's my house already. 

I have to park and walk up. 

Don wan 'dy, ghost car following!!


I did a speedy round of the parking area and lost the creepy ghost car. 


I parked in peace.


…from the corner of my eye…

…I saw the ghost car sliding alongside me, the window wound down, driver sticking their head out...


That's it. 

I'm gonna die now. 


Too late to stop it.

May as well see how I'm gonna die.

I took a deep breath and turned to face…




Floods of relief. 

She wanted to know why I was being a freak and trying to run away.

I wanted to know why she didn't just smile and wave at me?!?!

Oh well. 

I guess we both a bit keliru in the dark…


  1. What matter of anti climax ghost story drama was that???

    1. Hahaha :P

      Sorry to disappoint your thrill seeking heart...but this is all non-fiction baybeh! What to do - that's how it happened?

      ...maybe one day I'll craft you a fictional ghost story...