Thursday, 12 April 2012

English Accents

Adjusting to foreign English accents is always a fun experience.

Indian English is relatively easy to figure out.

But sometimes one tiny word throws you...and you lose the entire conversation.


I was in the hotel restaurant with my sister.

It's well-recommended not to drink tap water in India, so it was a daily ritual to go down and get bottled water before we went out for the day or sat down to eat.

And there was always loads of bottles in the fridge.

It's not something you run out of.

Sister: Excuse me, can we get some water?

Waiter: Sorry?

This accent thing works both ways.

Even more fun.

Sister: Some water?

Waiter: ...

Sister: ...

Waiter: ...Samosa?

Sister: Yes, some water. 

Waiter: Errrr...samosa, we don't have any samosa I'm afraid. 

Sister: o.0 You don't have any water?

Waiter: What?

[water. samosa. sounds similar. but is not similar.]

Being the objective observer to this conversation,





Me: No samosa. Mineral water.

Waiter: Oh. No problem. 


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