Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Mac Tablet? What?

After work I dropped by my friends house. 

He had a job to discuss…ooo. 

But I was hungry!

So we went out. 

In the car he was really excited to show off his new "tablet".

Friend: It's Sony. 

Me: …Ok?

Friend: … 
[like, c'mon, be interested?!]

Me: ...Is that good?
Friend: Yeah. Well, it's not a Mac. 

Me: Mac don't do tablets. Do they?

Friend: The iPad. Mat Salleh. Seriousleh?

Me: O.O

Friend: Uh huh. 

Me: …yaaaaaaa….

I'd had a long day, alright??

[oh, right, the iPad...yaaaa]


  1. hi, a friend suggested me ur blog. found out it's funny and amused at the same time. Hi Mat Salleh! (or better Minah Salleh) teehee

    1. woo! thanks & welcome, new blog reader called hamlet!!