Friday, 20 April 2012

Urgently Needed: Accessories Sponsor

I  have become a whirlwind of loss and destruction. 

You may think this is a very bold statement. 

But peruse the evidence...

1. I keep losing rings. 

In the most annoying way.

Before I wash my hands, I take off any ring I'm wearing. 

Place it next to the sink. 

Wash my hands. 

Dry my hands. 

…and then walk away. 


I've done it THREE times already. 

Although the last time I managed a successful salvage.

Got in my car and my hand felt a bit light…RING!

Ran back into the building and found it waiting for me at the sink. 


[the it once was...*tear*]

2. Every bag I buy, breaks. 

I'm not sure if this is because they're cheap.

[rm10. took it to a rave...]

Or because I put way too much heavy stuff inside. 

[i wonder how many days we have left...]

But either way. 

The handles literally snap off.

[i actually paid real money for this one. sad face]

You see?

Loss And Destruction. 

That being said, if anyone wants to sponsor me accessories that won't break or get lost, I am willing.


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