Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I've complained before about how quickly bananas go bad over here. 

Case in point, the other day I went to throw away my old, brown bananas. 

They were liquid inside - gag - that's not even possible in England. 

So it's quite annoying how when you buy them in the supermarket, they only come in HUGE bunches. 

Enough for the the whole family. 

For a month.

Perhaps I exaggerate…

But seriously, you eat a few and the rest liquidise in your kitchen. 

To solve this, I've gone vigilante a few times and torn the bunches apart myself. 

And then been told off. 


So this time, I went to ask the fruit man;

Me: Boleh potong?

Fruit man: Boleh.


Victory pause - dia faham!!!

Join me in my celebration dance! 

[i googled for "malaysian bananas". what to do? it's a funny blog also:]


In less successful news it was no-plastic-bags Saturday. 

Most of my shopping fitted nicely into my unnecessarily MASSIVE handbag. 

But not the (greasy) roasted chicken. 

Which I ended up carrying around like a small child, until I reached my car. 

You win some, you lose some…

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