Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why you tak faham??

At the mamak tonight, 10pm, the guy serving excitedly insisted that I have the "special fried rice". 

So special it's not even on the menu. 

Ok lah, there's no roti & I'm too lazy to think of something else. 

It was delicious. 

But it was massive. 

[it looked nothing like this. but it was probably this massive]

Me: Bungkus?

Mamak: ...One more?

Me: Tak!! Bungkus. 

Mamak: Oh, bungkus? Ok. 


Did you really not understand me?

That was one word. 

One very simple and, I'm sure, correctly pronounced word.

Is it just the shock of a Mat Salleh speaking BM? 

Because my accent isn't that strong.


Although this does happen fairly often.

On the occasions I actually bust out my BM skills or talk about local things, my proud bubble is burst at having to repeat myself 3 times. 

Friend: Where is the waterfall?

Me: Near Semenyih.

Friend: …Where?

Me: Semenyih.

Friend: [mocking] Sm-n-yii [laughing]

Me: What?!? That's how you say it?!

Friend: It's "Semenyih"

Me: That's what I said?!  [it sounded THE SAME]

Friend: Which waterfall?

Me: Tekala

Friend: [mocking some more] Tak-aaa-laa [laughing some more]

Me: =.=

Friend: I like how you say it. Haha. Where is it again?

Me: =.="

The one occasion where my words were instantly understood was in conversation with Barbecue Bastard. 

Unfortunately then, I was too busy being scolded for asking a question in the first place, to actually bask in the glory of my success. 


One day you will forget I am Mat Salleh and you will accept me, funny accent and all…