Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cicak : Part 3

I know, right...part 3?

This time, I was driving. 

It was dark. 

The road was quiet. 

No one else around.

Taking an exit, I carefully checked my mirrors, glanced in the rearview…

[jeng jeng jeng!!!]


Are you for real?

Clinging onto my back window.

As if he was waiting all day for me to drive past, then lept on board. 

He looked at me sideways, with his one, creepy little eye...


Even though cicak have proven their stickiness, and gross-ness, to me before, I was somehow concerned for the little guy, that he might fly off, to his death. 

I drove really slowly to the petrol station.

Checking my mirror every few seconds. 

I would have had an animal welfare crisis if he suddenly wasn't there. 

I got out the car and the guy at the pump said to me, happily,

"Look. You have friend!"


Don't know if I'd go that far...

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