Saturday, 4 February 2012

Drugs Make You Stupid.

I called my friend to get his advice re: previously mentioned phone drama. I was already annoyed, for obvious reasons. He didn't help.

me: hi

friend: hi. hello? hello, hello?

me: i'm here. 

friend: oh. hiiii. how are you?

me: i'm ok. 

friend: *giggles* hello?

me: ...why are you being weird? 

friend: weird? i am being weird? no. 

me: … 

friend: why aren't you talking? you're being weird.

me: ...are you high?

friend: what do you mean, high? *giggles*

me: =.=

friend: ...i am bonging...

me: =.=

friend: *giggles*

me: ok. never mind. 

friend: you are angry with me?

me: no. i'm in a bad mood already. 

friend: oh really? why? someone...bullying you?

me: yes. 

friend: oh? did…did someone write on your Facebook?

me: 0.o ...what?

friend: did someone write on your face…your facebook wall, "you are fat"?

me: NVMLAH!!

Go ahead. Try disputing the title.