Monday, 18 March 2013

No Spare Type

I was in an unfamiliar car park. 

It was daytime, don't worry, this isn't a terrible tale. 

But I didn't know where to pay for my ticket.

Me: Where do I pay?

Guard: ...O.o?

I wave my ticket at him. 

He points,

Security Guy: Bayar sana.


I walk towards my car. 

Guard: Kak…

I turn around and he's pointing at my car…

Or more precisely, at my FLAT TYRE!!



How now?

I stand there and look at it for a while. 

I wonder who I should call.

Someone who is a combination of "nearby" and "useful".

I ponder. 

[if my car had a face, it would've been this]

Then the maintenance man appears. 

Maintenance Man: You have spare tyre?

Me: No.

Maintenance Guy: O.O?

He's skeptical...

Maintenance Guy: In here?

He points at my boot.

Me: Oh, maybe..!


I open my boot and lo and behold, I have a beautiful spare tyre. 


Maintenance Guy: You have a jack?

Me: No.

He rummages in my boot and pulls out both a jack and some other useful looking tools. 

Me: Oh. That's good. 

The maintenance man and the security guard both look at me. 

Me: ?:)

Then at each other.

I know what just happened: "So bro - who's it gonna be?"


The security guy stares, noncommittally, so Heroic Maintenance Man gets to work, removing my useless tyre.  

Which has a big, fat nail in it. 

An associate of theirs cruises past on his bike and happily shouts,

Biker: Punctuuure?

Maintenance man nods. 


Me: Is that normal here, biasa?

Maintenance Man confirms, yup, biasa. 

Bad car park!!

Minutes later I have a gloriously attached and functioning tyre.

Me: Terima kasih banyak!! :))

I try to shake his hand but it's dirty so he politely denies me and walks away.

No tricks. 

No alterior motive.

Good people still exist!


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