Friday, 29 March 2013

Proton Wira VS. Toyota Camry

Well there's no contest, is there?

You all know how this ends. 

And I'm driving the Wira. 


Short version of the story is that I drove into the back of a Camry. 

I won't go into the details but it wasn't entirely my fault. 

Maybe 40% my fault…

: /

These are the injuries suffered by the Camry:


It's not even dented. 

Just scratched.  

Here's my Proton:


As though I smashed head first into a TRUCK.


No injuries.

But clearly I can't pay for that, hello insurance. 

Off to the polis station (a very pleasant experience, in comparison to all my "polis on the streets" dramas).

Thank you, Kajang Polis.

Then farewell to my little car on the back of a tow truck. 


A few days later I went back to pay my summons and pick up my copy of the report to take to the workshop.

Me: Hi, I've come to pay my summons… :(

Polis: Wait for a while ah, it's not in the system yet. 

Wow…I bet that never happens!

I should get a discount for paying so promptly. 


Picked up my report. 

Went to the workshop. 

Me: Hi, I've come to give you my polis report...

Lady: Oh…I think I already have it. 

That's not possible. 

I just picked it up. 

Lady: Ya, I have it, here. 

She shows it to me. 


Lady: Just a while ago, ah, you know Mohd Nor. He pass it to me. 

Me: …huh? Who?

Lady: Your friend?

Me: O.o?

Lady: Mohd Nor…Malay man..?

Me: I don't know who that is.

Friend: Issit the guy who gave you his business card?

Tow truck uncle!

Me: OoooOoooh. Is that normal? Why would he do that? How did he do that..?

And also, why not tell me la, save my RM4 and trip to the workshop.


That's nice. 


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