Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Next Day

I've been staying at my friend's house for the past 2 weeks. 

The house guardian, whilst they're away. 

It's a beautiful house and my instructions were simple - please water the plants. 

The alarm system was also relatively straight-forward.

Activate at night and when you go out. 

Now, when explaining how it works, of course you need to explain what would happen if someone breaks in. 

An unlikely eventuality. 

But during that conversation - we've been broken into before, these windows on the roof are always open, so if they have a rope… - it feels like IT WILL HAPPEN. 

I spent the first night alone, terrified. 


Then I got over it. 

And everything was fine. 

Until the morning after Kena Tipu

I woke up and got ready for work.

Still quite distracted, thinking about what had happened the night before, I strolled boldly through the house, towards the kitchen, aiming for the milo.

One step too far…



I literally LEAPT into the air - so LOUD?!

And TERRIFYINGcan'tbreathe!



Phone also RINGING!

OMG, so many things?!



I ran down to the control panel and keyed in the code. 



Answered the phone - letting me know the alarm was set off. 


I was trembling!

For a good 10 minutes - a lot of deep breaths and pacing, finally it stopped. 


I'd be a terrible robber. 

Scared myself half to DEATH.

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