Monday, 24 September 2012

Paralysed Face

Friend: I wanna get my ears pierced again. 

Me: Oh ya? Cool! Lets go. 

Friend: Yesss, tonight? Get yours done too!

Me: …ok!

Friend: Ahh, so exciting! 

Me: I know! But can we go somewhere they have needles? I wanna pierce the top part & it's not good to use the gun for that, right?

Friend: Oh? Why?

Me: Got lots of nerves, they might paralyse my face. 

It's a serious concern. 

I've read the horror stories. 

So we hunted down a reputable looking piercing shop.

RM6 for gun piercing. Including earring. 

RM65 for needle. Excluding earring. 

Me: What? Why?

Piercing Guy: Cos you have to use a new needle. Needles are expensive. It's ok, most people just use the gun. 

Me: Because it's cheap. 

Piercing Guy: …Yeah… 

Cheap does not mean safe. 

But then…rm65 v rm6?

That's a really huge price difference.

Me: Okfine.

Piercing Guy: So who's first?

Friend: You!

Me: Huh? This was your idea!  



Piercing guy draws the placement dot.

Too high.

He draws another. 

Piercing Guy: should get two. 

I look in the mirror.

Me: Oh yaaa...two looks cool...

Friend: What! Don't be crazy.

Me: Why, you're getting two!

Friend: On different ears!

Me: But it looks good, see?

Piercing Guy: Ya it does.

Me: ...Do you get commission?

Piercing Guy: No.

With that cleared up, I decide to try one hole first. 

I sit on the little bench. 


Me: Are you gonna paralyse my face?!

Piercing Guy: No. 

Me: Ok. Have you done this before?!

He goes to load the "gun".

Piercing Guy: Yes. 

Me: Ok. Are you sure? Is this your first time?!

Piercing Guy: =.=  ...Yes.


Ok, I'll stop asking questions.

He turns back to loading the gun.

...and drops the earring packet!!

Me: OMG it IS your first time!!!

Piercing Guy: No, you're making me tense!



Tense piercer not good!

Relax, breathe deeply. 

He shoots. 



Oh man it hurts so bad. 

That's enough.

My friend goes next. 

She delays for several long minutes by making the piercing guy re-draw her dots over and over again.

Then she's done too.

Me: Ok...I'm ready for my next one.


[oh haiiii my ear!]

p.s. my face is officially not paralysed :D

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